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YOUR Business Accelerator !

D-Plan explained – Joint Partner Planning at its best !

D-Plan will help you predictably drive Incremental Revenues !

This is achieved by identifying the “hot” segments, verticals or initiatives that are attractive to both companies and then articulate business objectives supported by actions items that are


(Specific, Measurable, Achievable,

Relevant& Time bound !)

The original CHAMP methodology

(Channel & Alliances Management Process)

Created by Siebel in the late 90’s, this methodology was initially designed to help channel & alliance managers align their internal goals with their partners. It was also closely integrated in their CRM solutions at the time. It later evolved into a more sophisticated version including external joint-planning with selected strategic partners that could last for 2 days or more.

D-Plan is an efficient alternative to the more complex CHAMP process.

To that end Dremmwel has developed a simple yet powerful and high-impact 1-day workshop strictly focusing on the business objectives of both sides and helping select those where strong synergies can be identified.

Unlike many other planning methodologies, D-Plan does not require extensive preparation, is taking inputs from all functions involved (really cross-functional) and provides immediate & measurable common objectives. Indeed at the end of the 1-day workshop a tailor-made Partner D-Plan is ready to be implement by all parties involved !

It is also a very focused exercise as it helps provide a 1 year tactical plan with clear incremental business objectives. So while it remains aligned with the long term strategic objectives of a company it does fully complements (and accelerate !) a company strategy. To this end the buy-in from the most senior management level is required before conducting a

D-Plan session.

Our D-Plan consultants come from well-known IT vendors and have in-depth partner management and planning expertise both at MENA & EMEA level.

A real enabler of your partnership…

After selecting your most strategic partners (existing or new potential) you will need to seek the “buy-in” from their respective management (C-level) to conduct such a planning exercise. It is indeed a strategic commitment from both companies as there will be time & efforts associated with this activity (2 teams that will spend a full day away from day-to-day business along with future resources/budgets committed on the plan).

This is why D-Plan is usually best suited for long-term strategic partnerships involving complex set of challenges (markets, products, verticals-related or all of the above at the same time!). Our consultants will also be happy to assist you during the “buy in” phase (i.e.: explain D-Plan concept in more details to your partners).

Once the planning engagement is agreed on by both sides it is then time to identify who should be attending from each company. Ideally team members representing each part of a full business cycle (Pre-sales, Sales, Services, Support, Marketing,…) and with ability to make tactical decisions (does not have to be a manager level, but if an individual contributor he/she should be empowered to make certain decisions during the workshop – ie. Prioritize a segment, product,.. Versus others). D-Plan is an ideal platform for 10-15 people audiences but can accommodate up to 20-25 people if required (larger and/or complex organisations).

Key Benefits

- Better field & management interaction after a D-Plan workshop (people now feel they have common goals to discuss)

- Better understanding of the “insider” workings of your key partners

- Better alignment of respective value propositions allowing for a real accretive market engagement

- Allows for jointly approved business efforts providing stronger team empowerment and commitment (it is “our” plan!)

- Better allocation of company resources/budgets (more focus on the right priorities!)

Ultimately leads to a much stronger partnership at all levels inside the company !


If your company requires a deeper D-Plan engagement prior & after the session, our consultants will be happy to assist you in building a customized engagement (i.e.: Senior Management alignment, Field Management D-Plan implementation briefings,…)

Consulting, Market Analysis &Products Distribution
Channel Recruitment&Field sales Deployment
Regional Marketing &Customers Events
Operational office & local business set-up

I am a ...


D-Plan will allow you to closely align with your Top partners in each of your key markets/segments. It is also a great platform to test new ideas/concepts with a selected partner before doing full roll-out of a wider program.

System Integrator / Value Added Reseller (VAR)

D-Plan will help you better engage with your key strategic vendors/suppliers/alliance partners (or new ones you would like to attract in your portfolio).


(ISV, OEM, Infra…)

D-Plan will allow you to connect more closely with strategic partners with who you want to setup more advanced and complex go-to-market programs/initiatives.